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 Relaxation in the Courtyard

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Relaxation in the Courtyard Empty
PostSubject: Relaxation in the Courtyard   Relaxation in the Courtyard Icon_minitime1Tue Nov 19, 2013 7:10 pm

Oliver let out a soft sigh as he leaned backwards on the bench he was sitting on, glancing at the sky with a smile. There was something about this Battle Academy that he just loved; perhaps it was the fact that he felt free here. He didn't have his parents breathing down his neck about every little thing that he did, and it was something he just enjoyed. A soft yawn caused Oliver to look down at the Delcatty who was resting on the ground next to the bench; her tail flicking back and forth in a happy rhythm. Of course, the young Eevee that was jumping around the older feline Pokemon would quickly take note of the rhythm and would bat at the tail a few times, before running away in fear of having upsetting the Delcatty; only to return a few moments later to attempt the same stunt again.

Oliver grinned as he leaned down and picked up his Eevee, gently patting Milan on the head as the young normal type attempted to free himself from his trainer's grasp. Opal took notice of the lack of Milan attacking her tail, and lifted her head lazily at Oliver, smiling softly at the two. She stood up, stretching one limb at a time before flicking her large ears, her gaze shifting around the clearing. "Del?" she meowed softly, clearly hearing somebody coming. The question was however, who was it?

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Relaxation in the Courtyard
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