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 Exploring the Caves

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Exploring the Caves Empty
PostSubject: Exploring the Caves   Exploring the Caves Icon_minitime1Thu Nov 28, 2013 5:35 pm

Shane slowly navigated his way through the cave he had decided to explore, hoping he could was grateful that he had a Pokemon that lit up. The cave was pitch-black, and had plenty of things that someone could trip over. His Pyroar's mane lit up a good sized area around him, so he could see where he was going as well as what was around him. He passed by many wild Pokemon, but none were flying or water type. Before long, however, he found what he was looking for.

In front of him sat a Noctowl, perched on a stalagmite. It didn't look too happy to have Shane invade it's territory. Letting out a screech, it leaped from it's perch, making a dive at Shane. Pyroar reacted quickly however, and let out a Flamethrower at the bird, knocking it off course and causing it to slam into a cave wall. By now Shane had time to react, and quickly gave Pyroar a command.

"Pyroar, hit it with a Dark Pulse!" Pyroar growled before sending out a burst of dark energy. Shane grimaced a the dark wave passed through him, but the Noctowl was affected worse than him, as it was a Psychic type. The bird crashed to the cave floor, to weak to battle anymore. Shane quickly threw a pokeball, which absorbed the Noctowl in a red light. The Pokeball shook several times, the weaked Pokemon still trying to escape, but the pokeball clicked, sealing the capture. Shane sighed in releif, walking up to the pokeball and picking it up. "Alright!" He exclaimed, "Pyroar, we caught it!" Pyroar roared in excitement. Shane put the Pokeball into his backpack, before motioning for Pyroar to follow. "Come on. Let's get out before something else desides to attack." They then proceded to make their way out of the cave, eager to meet their new teammate.
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Exploring the Caves
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