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 Ojore Market

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PostSubject: Ojore Market   Mon Sep 09, 2013 10:00 pm

The Ojore market is an adorable little store on the border of the hot springs from the Ojore Village. It sells unique items that might be worth a look.

(You may buy stuff via this topic. Just post a request! Ex. "I'd like to buy a Lava Cookie for 200 Poke!" "Sue obntained 1 Potion! -200 Poke!")

Cost in Poke
Power Herb
Allows a Pokemon to use two turn moves like Fly and Solarbeam in one turn. Has no end so long as you do not switch out the Pokemon who has consumed the Herb. After consumption, you cannot use it again.
Absorb Bulb
A one-time use item that raises the holder's Special Attack by two stages when hit by a Water-type move. The Water type move inflicts damage nevertheless.
Lava Cookie
Heals any status condition a Pokemon has been inflicted with.
Heat Rock
Causes intense sunlight to remain 3 turns longer if held by a Pokemon on the field.
Smooth Rock
Causes sandstorms to remain 3 turns longer if held by a Pokemon on the field.
Light Clay
Increases the duration of the moves Light Screen and Reflect 3 more turns.
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Ojore Market
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