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 Advertising Rules

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PostSubject: Advertising Rules   Tue Sep 03, 2013 5:33 pm

To advertise on PBA as a guest, you must obey the following rules:

1.) Follow our Basic Rules. Everyone here has to follow them. If your advertisement doesn't follow our rules, it'll be taken down.

2.) It is preferable that your advertisement board also be open to guests. If it is open to guests, we will drop a link back to PBA on your site. We made this board open to guests to make it easier for them and to help increase traffic, so please have the same courtesy and do so!

3.) No duplicate advertisements. One is all you need. Before advertising, especially if your site is popular, please look to see if your site has been advertised on here yet.

4.) Advertising through PMs is not allowed under any circumstances. We've got an Advertisement board right here where everyone on the site can see your ad. Please use it! PM advertisers will be deleted as soon as they're found. We have these rules for a reason, do please don't try to evade them!

5.) This board is for sites only. No stores with handbags and silly things like that. This is only for forums and the occasional etceteric thing.
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Advertising Rules
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