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 Dormitory Rooms and Inhabitants

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Dormitory Rooms and Inhabitants Empty
PostSubject: Dormitory Rooms and Inhabitants   Dormitory Rooms and Inhabitants Icon_minitime1Mon Oct 14, 2013 7:00 pm

Below is the rooms that are filled in the dorm complex at the moment. All the rooms are not present.


Room 101:
Marina Copeland, Becca Townes, Kanna Reiyuu

Room 102:
Aria Duff, Sunny, Cythrakeus Wright

Room 103:
Ivory Elkitahb, Dakota Walker, Anceril Reiyuu

Room 104:
Blaire Adenhart, Lev Wingard, Ace Wraiter

Room 105:
Renee Smith, Rimi Ishieki

Room 106:
Adeline Dechant, Gwen Lee


Room 201:
Brendan Bocki, Orion Townes, Shane Erikson

Room 202:
Kel Erthen, Daniel Smith, Oliver Queen
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Dormitory Rooms and Inhabitants
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