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 Play Time.

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Play Time. Empty
PostSubject: Play Time.   Play Time. Icon_minitime1Sat Oct 19, 2013 2:06 pm

Renee sat on the edge of the clear water, the water lapping at her feet as it moved closer to a high tide. She would laugh as she occasionally got hit with water as her Vaporeon, and electross played in the water chasing each other around. Every now and then Lillian, the Vaporeon, would disappear from time to time confusing Quain, the Electross. After a little bit Lillian would appear again and tackle Quain sending up some water as she did so.

Renee blocked the water with her arm giving off a laugh as her pokemon played about. Suddenly a gust of wind was blow about along with sand as her Flygon had started to land on the beach beside her. It gave out a long yawn followed by a "Fllllyyyyy.." Renee gave off another laugh, and called out to her Flygon. "Hello Sam." Sam respond with no sound but with a flick of her tail.

Some where in the shade sat another pokemon that belonged to Renee as well, but preferred to stick to the darkness, but never stopped watching what was happening in the area around it's trainer.

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Play Time.
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