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 Ability List [WIP]

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PostSubject: Ability List [WIP]    Ability List [WIP]  Icon_minitime1Wed Sep 04, 2013 10:26 pm

Confused by abilities and how they are used on this site? Well, no worries! Below is an ability chart that shows which ones can be used on this forum and what the usable abilities can do.

Powers up same type (STAB) moves by 20%.
Does an amount of damage equal to half the HP of the Pokemon with this ability after they faint, but does so only if the attack that KO'd them was physical. (Example: A level 50 Drifblim gets KOd by a Kabutops who uses Slash. Kabutops has 25 damage afflicted to him.)
Air Lock
If a Pokemon with this ability makes it onto the field, weather moves cannot be used. (Example: Rayquaza is on the field. Glaceon used Hail. Hail has failed and cannot be used.)
If a Pokemon with this ability moves last, the move they use does 20 more damage. (Example: A Level 50 Porygon-Z does 38 damage if it uses Discharge normally, but if it has Analytic as an ability and moves last in the turn, its Discharge does 58 damage.)
Anger Point
Arena Trap
Prevents opponent from switching out Pokemon until said Pokemon faints. (Example: Dugtrio versus Ampharos. Ampharos cannot switch out.)
Bad Dreams
Foe loses 10 HP each turn that they are asleep. (Example: Darkrai used Hypnosis on enemy Stoutland. Stoutland falls asleep. Stoutland loses 10 HP.)
Battle Armor
Big Pecks
A Pokemon with this ability can't have its Defense lowered by attacks. (Example: Shinx used Leer on Pidove. This doesn't effect Pidove.)
If your Pokemon with this ability has under one third of its health remaining, then its Fire type attacks do 20 more damage if under level 50, and 40 more damage if over level 50. (Example: Charmander's total health is 50 HP. He has 10 HP remaining. His Ember does 24 damage rather than 14.)
If the move Sunny Day is used on the field, a Pokemon with this ability automatically moves first on each turn until Sunny Day is negated. (Example: Whimiscott is the slowest Pokemon on the field. Whimiscott used Sunny Day. It can now attack first for the next turn, and the following turns so long as there is sun.)
Clear Body
A Pokemon with this ability cannot have their stats lowered. (Example: Lillipup used Growl on Tentacool. Tentacool is not affected.)
Cloud Nine
Pokemon with this ability are not affected by weather. (Example: Tyranitar's Sand Stream whips up a Sandstorm. Golduck is not buffeted.)
Color Change
If a Pokemon has this ability, their type changes to whatever the type of their opponent's first move was.
A Pokemon with this ability cannot miss any move. (Butterfree uses Supersonic. Despite having a 55% accuracy, this is a guaranteed hit on an opponent.)
Inverts stat modifiers. (Example: Ekans uses Leer on Inkay. Rather than Inkay's defense being lowered one stage, it is raised one stage. However, using a move that would normally raise a stat will decrease it.)
Cursed Body

The first physical move used against this Pokemon is disabled for 5 turns, meaning you cannot use it in this time frame. When this time frame is up, Cursed Body can once again disable a physical move if a Pokemon with this ability is still on the field. (Example: Jellicent and Lanturn is on the field. Lanturn uses Aqua Jet. Aqua Jet cannot be used for 5 turns. Any other physical attack however, like Aqua Tail for example, is allowed to be used without disability.)
Cute Charm
If the first move an enemy makes is physical, and the enemy is of the opposite gender, the enemy becomes infatuated. This only works with the first move. (Example: A Female Cinccino and a Male Sawsbuck are on the field. Sawsbuck uses Horn Leech as its lead off move. This attack is physical, so after it hits, Sawsbuck falls in love with Cinccino.
This ability prevents the use of a self destruct move from an enemy, as well as the ability Aftermath from doing damage on a Pokemon with this ability. A Pokemon who fails at a self destruct move will not still faint. (Example: Electrode uses Self Destruct on a Poliwhirl. It fails. / Quagsire uses Aqua Tail on a Drifblim. Drifblim faints. Normally Aftermath will register and do damage to Quagsire, but this does not happen.)
Halves damage that a Pokemon with this ability does when it is lowered to below half its HP. (Example: A Level 50 Archeops gets knocked down to half its health. Rather than it's Stone Edge dealing 46 damage now, it only deals 23 damage.)
If any stat on this Pokemon is lowered, its attack stat is raised two stages. (Example: A Lillipup uses Leer on a Braviary. It's defense goes down one stage, but in response its attack raises two stages.)
If a Pokemon has this ability and the opponent raises or lowers any of its Defenses, the corresponding attack for the Pokemon with this ability will raise one stage according to the corresponding defense that is higher on the opponent. (Example: Onix uses Iron Defense. Onix's Defense rises. Because Onix's Defense is now higher than its Special Defense, and because Attack corresponds with Defense, the opponent Porygon Z's attack will raise one stage. Special Attack corresponds with Special Defense.)
Upon having a Pokemon with this ability appear on battle, it will start to rain. (Example: Politoed is sent out. It starts to rain. See the Weather subcategory in the Battle System for more information.)
Upon having a Pokemon with this ability appear on battle, intense sunlight will begin. (Example: Groudon is sent onto the field. Intense sunlight begins. See the Weather subcategory in the Battle System for more information.)
Dry Skin
If the sunlight is intense, a Pokemon with this ability loses 5 HP per turn. If it is raining, a Pokemon with this ability gains 5 HP per turn. (Example: Toxicroak loses 5 HP after Rapidash uses Sunny Day. Toxicroak gains 5 HP after Mantine uses Rain Dance.)
Early Bird
Pokemon with this ability only stay asleep for 1 turn. (Example: Drowzee uses Hypnosis on Seedot. Drowzee can only attack once more before Seedot awakens.)
Effect Spore
If a Pokemon with this ability has under half its HP and is hit with a physical attack, roll the Chance Dice. If you roll a 1, your opponent gets put to sleep. If you roll a 2, your opponent gets paralyzed. If you roll a 3, your opponent gets poisoned. If you roll anything else, your opponent is not afflicted with a status condition. (Example: Escavalier uses X-Scissor on a weakened Breloom. The trainer of the Breloom rolls a 1. Escavalier falls asleep.)
Early Bird
Pokémon with this ability awaken in 1 turn from sleep.
Effect Spore
If your HP is under half your full HP and you have this ability, roll the Chance Dice the next time a physical attack lands on your Pokémon. If you roll a 1, the opponent falls asleep. If you roll a 2, the opponent gets paralyzed. If you roll a 3, the opponent gets poisoned. If you roll anything else, the opponent is uneffected.
If your Pokémon has this ability, super effective attacks deal one third less damage.
Flame Body
Roll the Chance Dice whenever you are attacked physically. If you roll a 1 or a 2, the opponent gets a burn. Fire type Pokémon are immune to burns.
Flare Boost
If a Pokémon with this ability is burned, it's attack increases by 1.5 x (you can multiple the attack you add up by 1.5 in any calculator and get a damage count. Round up or down.)
Flash Fire
If a Pokémon with this ability gets hit by a Fire move, the attack and/or special attack of their Fire moves boost by 1 stage. Treat this as if an Attack stat is normally being raised. Only effects Fire Type moves.
Flower Gift
Raises the attack stat of every Pokémon in your party by 1 stage upon being sent out when it is sunny. If there is no sun and a Pokémon appears in battle, its attack does not rise. If a Pokémon with this ability faints, the effects of this ability are null.
Lets Castform change with the weather.
Friend Guard
If in a double battle, a Pokémon with this ability allows its partner to take 25% less damage.
If the foe is holding a berry, they will eat it immediately after one attack is dealt to them, rather than when their HP goes down to halfway.
If a status problem such as burns or sleep get inflicted on your Pokémon, their attack raises by 1 stage.
Let's a held berry be used twice.
If in a battle and your partner has a status ailment, flip the chance dice. If you roll a 1 or 2, a Pokémon with this ability can heal the partner. Does not waste a turn.
Fire type attacks do half damage to Pokémon with this ability.
Heavy Metal
Honey Gatherer
Huge Power
Heals any status problem in the rain.
Hyper Cutter
Makes it impossible for the Attack stat to be lowered.
Ice Body
A Pokémon with this ability regains 1/16th of their HP every turn it is hailing.
A Pokémon with this ability can take the form of the last Pokémon in your party, and can be RPd as such. It still keeps its stats, abilities and moveset.
A Pokémon with this ability cannot be poisoned.
A Pokémon with this ability enters the battle immediately transformed into their opponent.
A Pokémon with this ability can ignore the affects of Reflect, Light Screen, and Safeguard.
Inner Focus
A Pokémon with this ability can't flinch.
A Pokémon with this ability can't be put to sleep in battle.

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Ability List [WIP]  Tumblr_mwa9rgve3z1r922azo1_500
Ability List [WIP]  Tumblr_lyzgj5Dk4w1r53piwo1_500
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Ability List [WIP]
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