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 To Take a Walk

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PostSubject: To Take a Walk   To Take a Walk Icon_minitime1Mon Oct 21, 2013 3:00 pm

Ivory had been trying to hide away from most of the people at the academy and avoid social attention when she had happened to wind up at the courtyard of the school grounds. Her Serperior was right beside her, slithering away to look at things here and there. The young teen, like always, had her signature hoodie up over her head. As she sat down at the benches that circled the beautiful water fountain in the center of the beautiful area, Ivory finally let her hood come off, and her hair slid around her face. Her hair was a bright teal, and it suited her eyes well. Looking away from the sky, she noticed that small pokemon played around the courtyard, such as Azurill, Corsola, Dratini, and even a few Pidgey. This lead her Serperior to try to interact with them.

Shrugging, she quietly took out her mp3 player and slid her headphones on, listening to what she thought was Meloetta singing, as it wasn't impossible to see one. Chewing a Cherri berry, Ivory slid off the bench and laid down in the grass, her music still playing, and the sun warming her body as she shut her eyes, peacefully listening to her music as her Pokémon came beside her, curling up to sleep in the sunlight. What a relaxing day...


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To Take a Walk
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