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 Academy Pokemart

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PostSubject: Academy Pokemart   Academy Pokemart Icon_minitime1Wed Sep 04, 2013 11:00 pm

"Welcome! How may I help you?"

(You may buy stuff via this topic. Just post a request! Ex. "I'd like to buy a Potion for 300 Poke!" "Sue obtained 1 Potion! -300 Poke!")

Cost in Poke
Academy Pokemart Bag_Potion_Sprite
Academy Pokemart Pok%C3%A9monDollar300
Heals a Pokemon by 20 HP.
Academy Pokemart Bag_Super_Potion_Sprite
Super Potion
Academy Pokemart Pok%C3%A9monDollar700
Heals a Pokemon by 50 HP.
Academy Pokemart Bag_Hyper_Potion_Sprite
Hyper Potion
Academy Pokemart Pok%C3%A9monDollar1200
Heals a Pokemon by 200 HP.
Academy Pokemart Bag_Max_Potion_Sprite
Max Potion
Academy Pokemart Pok%C3%A9monDollar2500
Heals a Pokemon to its full HP.
Academy Pokemart Bag_Full_Restore_Sprite
Full Restore
Academy Pokemart Pok%C3%A9monDollar3000
Heals a Pokemon to its full HP, as well as heals it of any stat conditions.
Academy Pokemart Bag_Ultra_Ball_Sprite
Academy Pokemart Pok%C3%A9monDollar1200
Used to catch Pokemon. Ultra Balls catch most Pokemon under level 30 without fail, but tougher Pokemon need a little work.
Academy Pokemart Bag_Revive_Sprite
Academy Pokemart Pok%C3%A9monDollar1500
Revives a fainted Pokemon to half of its max HP.
Academy Pokemart Bag_Max_Revive_Sprite
Max Revive
Academy Pokemart Pok%C3%A9monDollar2000
Revives a fainted Pokemon to its max HP.
Academy Pokemart Bag_Full_Heal_Sprite
Full Heal
Academy Pokemart Pok%C3%A9monDollar600
Heals any status condition on a Pokemon.
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Academy Pokemart
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