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 Not a Guarantee, but...

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Not a Guarantee, but... Empty
PostSubject: Not a Guarantee, but...   Not a Guarantee, but... Icon_minitime1Thu Oct 24, 2013 6:34 pm

I've decided to take art requests, but on a few conditions -

1. They aren't a guarantee for me to make. I'll make them all eventually, but I'm just really busy, so they might take awhile to do.

2. The requests will only be done in lineart or sketch form. If I ever have time, I'll go ahead and color them in.

3. Your order is also not a guarantee. I'm not going to be doing these in order - I'll be doing the one that would be easiest for me to do first.

4. I can draw your Pokemon on, but, I will only do 1 or 2 Pokemon. Definitely not 3 - 6.

5. Don't expect any fancy backgrounds. I'm still improving my style and everything, so I won't be even trying to do anything amazing for that reason.

6. I still have orders from WCC - which aren't my top priority on drawing, but still need to be done. Please don't rush me.

Alright, if you want to order, just post below. QAQ

Information that I'll need for your order would be...

> Character Appearance
> Pokemon Wanted/None at All
> Sketch or Lineart?
> Background?
> Style (Full-body Chibi, Half-body, Half-body Regular [Pixel or Digital])
> Certain Pose
> Any new outfit?
> Anything else you might want.

Thank you everyone~ <3

If you need examples, go to WCC or just... Oh whatever. Just PM if you need examples.
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Not a Guarantee, but...
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