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 States of Mind

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PostSubject: States of Mind   States of Mind Icon_minitime1Sun Dec 08, 2013 5:42 pm

Calm, cool waves lapped over the shore, spilling forth onto the pristine north beaches of the academy. They washed the sand in a show of good faith before retreating back into the depths of the ocean, only to come back once more in a slow, rhythmic pattern. Blaire sat halfway up the beach, her arms wrapped tightly around her legs as her eyes gazed over the lapping waves and the deep, terrifying ocean. An involuntary shudder passed through her body as she forced herself to not get up and back away, though she couldn't make herself get any closer. This was something she had to get over: she couldn't be scared of open waters on a god damn island. That was purely nonsensical. Then again, wasn't that what fear was? Nonsensical. A state of mind. A barrier that she just couldn't cross, no matter how hard she tried.

Again, she hadn't brought her Pokémon to this place. That niggling fear of losing them tore at her mind until they were a good distance away. Besides, they didn't need to see her like this… Gently, she pulled down her left knee-sock to glance at the scar running along her ankle and lower leg. It was a constant reminder of what had happened, and she hated that it was there; hated that it had happened at all. She sighed as a quiet breeze ruffled her shirt. This was definitely going to take some time.


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States of Mind
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