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Welcome to the Pokémon Battle Academy! Please read the rules and fill out the character creation form before roleplaying! Thanks for visiting!

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 Basic Rules

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Basic Rules Empty
PostSubject: Basic Rules   Basic Rules Icon_minitime1Tue Sep 03, 2013 5:31 pm

The rules below pertain to conduct outside of roleplay. Follow them respectfully, or you may be banned!

1.) No flaming users. Well, at least legitimate new users. Go crazy with trolls and mean people, but when a nice new person appears, don't gang up on them just because they're new.

2.) No trolling. I suppose this could go under rule 1, but all in all, trolls will be deleted.

3.) Cussing is allowed. Any cussing is allowed in and out of roleplay. Just don't overdo it...you'll look like a tool.

4.) No pornography. In and out of roleplay, pornography is allowed no where near this site.

5.) Try to be active. Don't just join and never come on again. We'd really like having you here.

6.) Always spoiler images in the chatbox. Chatboxes do not like large images that are out in the open. Here is the code for your troubles,
[spoiler][img]Put Image URL HERE[/img][/spoiler]
7.) No spam! Stupid pointless annoying messages are not cool. No one worded posts, no posting things for the sake of posting, and no posts where you mashed your keyboard.
This rule does not apply to this board.

8.) If leaving suggestions, please be nice. Don't be condescending and rude. If you act in such a way, we probably won't take your suggestion into consideration.

Have fun, and we hope to see you around on the island!

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Basic Rules
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