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Welcome to the Pokémon Battle Academy! Please read the rules and fill out the character creation form before roleplaying! Thanks for visiting!

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 Roleplaying Rules

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PostSubject: Roleplaying Rules   Roleplaying Rules Icon_minitime1Tue Sep 03, 2013 9:35 pm

These are rules you must follow pertaining to roleplay. Follow them respectfully, or risk being banned.

1.) Posts must be over two sentences long. There is no real reason that your posts should be that short, and they actually should be longer than the minimum.

2.) Romance should be PG-13. Cursing is allowed but excessive amounts are discouraged. No sexually explicit roleplaying, please! In the end, this is a Pokemon forum.

3.) You can have up to 3 characters at once. Too many characters can throw off a roleplayer's focus on each specific person they create. Three is enough.

4.) Our level cap is 50. This is to keep people from having a bunch of level 100s and dominating all other students. Keep in mind that we are all indeed trying to learn a little about battling better. If your level is too high, you probably already know enough.

5.) When encountering wild Pokemon, keep them realistic to the environment. No Magcargos in the Meadows. No Pikachus in the hot springs. And please, no Groudons roaming the island. We are not restricting you to a list because we feel your experience would be better if you could encounter Pokemon you want, so long as they are reasonable.

6.) Always record your win to loss ratio. These are important. We'll have them on hand, of course, but having one in your signature would be nice and easy for us to record. W/L ratios can be used for bragging rights for your characters, can really establish you as a popular figure in your grade and school, and can lead to you facing guests on the island. Yes, if you have the highest W/L ratio of that month, you'll be able to face a surprise guest! So please, at least keep a monthly one. All trainer battles, no matter how trivial, must and will be recorded into this ratio.

7.) Battles may be negotiated for a cash reward to the winner. We encourage these types of battles. It is the easiest way to gain money, so you should definitely negotiate how much money would be on the line for the loser of a battle. It makes them that much more worth it, alongside the W/L ratio.

8.) Keep things at least somewhat grounded in realism. Yes, I know, it's Pokémon, and the games and anime are notoriously nonsensical, but this is a roleplay. No having your trainer jump ten feet into the air or your Pokémon being revived from the dead by magic and fairy wishes.

9.) OHKO moves are banned. Sorry to those Fissure, Sheer Cold, Guillotine, and Horn Drill users.

10.) Mini stat lists must be posted of Pokemon once they are sent out. Include HP, Items, and Levels at least. Your opponent needs this information to fairly battle you. Trust me, we have some complicated stuff on this forum. We all need some assists. c;

11.) All Pokémon stats must be posted in your creation, such as moves, typing, level, and abilities.

12.) You may not enter the island with an item on your Pokémon, or any other items. Shops and their items are here for you to work towards and urge you to battle as to achieve a goal. We can't have people going, "Nooo, I have that item already!"

13.) If you don't post in a battle, you automatically lose. The site runs at a month long race. Someone can't wait for you forever. After a week, if you haven't posted in a topic, the other person automatically gains the win and the reward, XP, etcetera that comes with it.

Have fun, and we'll see you on the island.

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Roleplaying Rules
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